Listen up….

Wondering how to think about wildlife, the Synthetic Age, deextinction, and other things technological and wild? You can listen for ideas from me in the podcasts below:


Should we Deextinct the Tasmanian Tiger?” (8/30/22) (minutes 0 to 16.00) on All Sides with Ann Fisher Tech Tuesday, Columbus, Ohio Public Radio 

Will Truck Lovers Go Electric?” (3/2/22) on the Carbon Copy with Stephen Lacey 

Breaking Silos (4/5/21) with Sofiah Jamil

Confluence,”Spotlight: Christopher Preston” (2/10/21) with Ashby Kinch

New Books Network on “The Synthetic Age” (4/18/19) with Christopher Gambino

A New Angle on “The Ethics of Data-Driven Persuasion” (2/5/19) with Justin Angle

Examining Ethics on “Facing the Synthetic Age” (1/30/19) with Christiane Wisehart



Image by Andrei Lazarev