Brits and Bison Update

On Friday, October 21st, Wilder Blean announced their herd of three female bison had grown. One of the two younger females had not been seen for a couple of days. When bison ranger Tom Gibbs went looking in the dense undergrowth, he was astonished to find a bison calf peeping out from behind a proud mum.

It was not, it turns out, an immaculate conception. When the two females arrived from Ireland towards the end of July, one of them was already pregnant. Wilder Blean had no idea the herd wasn’t going to need its bull to expand.

Video suggests the calf is sprightly. The two bison rangers are overjoyed. They still await the arrival of the big bull who has been slowed down on his transfer from Germany by post-Brexit paperwork. He should be there by the end of the year.

Since the first bison in thousands of years has already been born wild in Kent, the male will have to achieve a different milestone. The U.K.’s first wild bison conception still lies ahead. When the time comes, there’s little doubt the bull will be ready.

2 Replies to “Brits and Bison Update”

  1. Adorable new bison baby! I couldn’t help but notice these bison seem different than our US ones. – smaller and different features?


    1. It is a different species (Bison bonasus instead of Bison bison). They are slightly more of a woodland species and stand upright instead of swinging their big necks low in the grasses. Horns are more curved too. But the young are still very cute!


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