A Quick Book Update

Hey all.

I just got back to town after an exciting research trip to Tromsø in northern Norway. Amongst other things, I attended a workshop on future possibilities for agriculture. We talked in detail about the idea of “Arctic perennials.” Can you envision this future? Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, reviews of my new book, Tenacious Beasts, are coming in strong. I’ll share a handful below. Since it is gifting season, my publisher is offering 20% off and free shipping to those who pre-order the book this month. To sweeten the deal, I’ll also give $1 for every new pre-order to the organization working on returning bison to southern England. (It’s one of the amazing recoveries I detail in the book).

Use the code “MITPHoliday22” at: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/search/site/?q=9780262047562. (Terms and conditions apply, US audiences only).

Scroll below these Norway pix for the book reviews. Thanks for your interest in my work and for your support.

Advanced praise for Tenacious Beasts:

“[A] page-turning account…Many animals headed for extinction are recovering nicely, writes science writer and teacher Preston, who delivers a satisfying account of a dozen successes without minimizing the difficulties involved… Traveling the world, Preston interacted with researchers, activists, and Indigenous people working to restore animals to their former ecosystems, most of which now contain far more humans than before…Rare, well-delivered positive news about animals and the natural world.”
Kirkus Reviews, recipient of a Kirkus Star

“Preston writes with the goal of highlighting promising partnerships, building on lessons learned from animals themselves, and questioning long-held beliefs about wildlife and conservation…This makes for an excellent recommendation to readers searching for thoughtful but hopeful books on the future of nature.”
Library Journal, recipient of a starred review

“In this rewarding study, environmental philosophy professor Preston (The Synthetic Age) provides reason to be hopeful about endangered species…The surprisingly intimate accounts of species bouncing back from the brink of extinction serve as glimmers of hope against the backdrop of climate despair. This will hearten nature lovers.”
Publishers Weekly

“Pragmatic and inspirational, Tenacious Beasts celebrates the species that “exist in the same bewildering net of life and time as we do,” yet are rebounding.”
Foreword Reviews

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