How Much Should We Interfere in the Lives of Wild Animals?

The wildlife recoveries I tracked in Tenacious Beasts offer lessons from conservation success stories. Some species need only one thing from us: STOP KILLING THEM! This is true of whales, beavers, wolves, and many others. Once we stop killing them, the species returns rapidly.

Other species require considerable intervention to help them return. California condors, for example, need to be brought in from the wild periodically to have lead removed from their blood. Griffon Vultures in Europe need ‘vulture restaurants‘ stocked with roadkill so they have enough carrion to eat.

The Northern spotted owl needs a more aggressive intervention. It can only survive if its cousin, the barred owl, is suppressed. reprinted a chapter of my book wrestling with this ethical dilemma.

Enjoy “An Owl with a Parachute”.

(P.S. I would not have chosen the title they came up with in this link. But you get the point.)

Amol Mande via

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